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For the love of the hunt

A couple friends and I were looking to do a late hunt after our home state deer season was over. After some internet research and phone calls I decided on Ruzic Farms in Alabama and booked a 3 day hunt for Jan. 18, 19, 20.

The farm is a 2800 acre cattle operation owned by Anita Ruzic. She only books one party at a time and leaves several days between groups so the deer are not too pressured. Her friend Dale emailed me a map of stand locations and spent a good deal of time on the phone with me discussing specifics a week prior. On this hunt with me was my friend Bill from IN and Rick and Neil from NC. Anita told us it was OK to arrive mid-day on Saturday before our hunt started on Sunday and do some scouting. Bill and I arrived around noon and Anita met us at the gate.
Dale arrived a short time later and went over the map with us as well as pointing out landmarks from the high ground at the entrance.
The North half of the farm is gently rolling hills of pasture, fields, food plots and thickets.
Running East/West in the middle of the property is an old railroad berm, the Dinky line.
South of the Dinky are more fields, and food plots along with some creek bottom swampy ground and big hardwoods.
Bill and I checked out a few stands in the South section and he decided he liked Foots Field as a starting spot the next day. After checking two more stand locations I headed into Church Field and saw a buck standing in the food plot at 2:00 in the afternoon. I quickly decided that is where I wanted to start Sunday morning and backed out.

We checked out a few of the Northern stand locations including the White House.

Then Bill and I met up with Rick and Neil who had arrived around 3:00. We all headed over to the guest house and settled in. The guest house was a fairly new home built on the site of Anita's family home which had burned down several years back. It had three bedrooms and baths, big living room, kitchen, garage for gear and a deer skining pole out back. Here is our group in the living room.

Anita stopped by and showed us where breakfast and lunch foot was stocked and went over the hunt rules, one buck 8 points or better, one doe, and kill all the hogs and coyote you see. We were ready to start hunting the next day.

Sunday, Jan. 18
Bill drops me off at the Church Field and heads on down to his stand at Foots. I settled into the shooting house and sipped a little coffee as the rising sun started to light the field. I had told myself that I wanted to shoot a buck before anything else. I changed my mind in short order when three pigs stepped into the South end of the field about 10 minutes after full light. I had never hunted pigs and thought "Why wait!". I picked out the largest one and put the crosshairs at the base of his ear (Rick told me to shoot them in the head). The shot from my Tikka .270 echoed across the creek bottom. Two pigs scattered to the woods but one was down for the count in the field 135 yards away.

I thought that might have blown the chance for a deer that morning but stayed in the stand just in case. An hour later I see a spike buck coming in from the North. He dropped into the woods just as he reached the edge of the food plot. So deer are still moving through the area. I texted Rick and Bill to see how they were doing. Rick had passed a small 8, Bill had seen does, a spike and a 6 point. I look up and there is a nice 8 point feeding in the field just 30 yards from the dead pig. The .270 goes back to work and breaks his shoulder. He stumbles to the woods but never makes it. I am a happy hunter.

You can see the pig in the field behind the buck.

I text Rick and he and Neil head over with the 4 wheelers to help. While waiting I get the stupid idea to drag the pig over to the deer for a picture. Only about 80 yards but it wore me out.

Neil and Rick arrive and Neil tells me he used to raise hogs and this one was at least 200 pounds. It had a bigger body than the buck. We took some more pictures then got the work started.

I said it was the best Sunday morning I had spent in Church in a long time.

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Anita Ruzic

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